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Hamtek Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. for
OPG - Unit II & III - Goommidipoondi - Tamilnadu
Tecpro Systems Limited for SDS Thermal Power Station - Krishnapatanam - Andhra Pradesh
NTPC Vindhyanagar for 10 nos Auto Control DS System
NTPC Ramagundam for 10 nos nos Auto Control DS System
NTPC Dadri for 04 nos nos Auto Control DS System


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.hmc. VDS - Electronic Track Hopper - Dust Suppression System

Automatic / Manual Spray Dust Suppression

.hmc. vds DS system is a plain filtered water & no compressed air high pressure Dust Suppression system. The sensor system normally installed at the entrance to the unloading TRACK HOPPER with 240V-50Hz electrical supply connected to a control panel.

(optional cordless wiring between sensor & valve to avoid damage to cable)

The heart of the complete system(comprising of pump motor control panel safety device-{SRV, interlocked solenoid valve & pressure switch} Automation is built on a MS angle chassis with easy fit client inlet & outlet connection at site, dampers to reduce vibration and maintenance.
The Advantage of the .hmc VDS ds system is that the sensor is placed underground and no standing object is placed over ground(THIS AVOID DAMAGE TO SYSTEM AT  UN-LOADING SITE)

Sensor in dust proof enclosure with control panel for Auto / Manual + by-pass arrangement & high pressure pump, Strainer, solenoid valve ½ “-1-1½” Nozzle, Pressure gauge, ball valve + secondary spray bar assly & Pressure relief / switch with interlocking solenoid valve for safety.
Principle of Operation :

The pump is to be activated manually (optional auto system if required) spray will activate automatically once the wagon come near the discharge chute of the wagon tippler zone. (area defined for actuating spray under ground) by sensing through the sensor switch to energize the water line across the solenoid valve (normally closed) to the pre located sprays This is set to a timer for continuation of spraying and will cut off after a timed period (set by timer).
The sensor switch system installed ( on the side of the track below  / sides of the wagon / underground will energize the solenoid valve at the cut off to start the spray as soon as the wagon  / truck approaches the receiving pit. (optional power supply to be provided by client within 5 mtr from sensor for cordless ds system)
The FOG JET nozzle spray fitted on the entrance of the receiving pit area will spray to moisten the top layer at the wagon, here after a pre-set timing will start the sprays from the “C” clamp holder of the wagon to the inside during tippling material to the receiving chute. The operation will overlap in the event of another wagon / truck coming in between the set timing, again set for a period till cut off  before the pump stops
Further in order to form a water curtain around the entire periphery specially designed atomizing nozzle can be installed & activated at the same time with an extra high pressure small discharge pump(nozzle discharge Dust generating points will be properly placed with spray headers and nozzle
0.5 - 2 lpm @ 70-100  which produce fog type fine mist sprays. The Air borne dust oncoming in Bar pressure).contact with the fine mist type water particle, which becomes heavy and settle down with the original material flow.The water consumption and humidifying of the materials is reduced, with negligible discharge per nozzle on material transported.
Client will provide electric & water connection as required.
Typical Applications
Dust Suppression system for Lorry un-loading
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Track Hopper DS Systems
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